Amateur Radio Emergency Services Training (Norfolk, VA)

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To Schedule: The book will be $25, and the exam will be $15. Please get signed up as soon as possible. There are 20 seats available. start studying early. #Please contact RASON Online Practice Tests
Exam Session Search Bring official picture ID. Cost is $15. If you are upgrading, bring COPY and ORIGINAL of License and CSCE's.
Emergency Communications Basic 101, Rev 2.0 Norfolk HAM 178Kb (Adobe Acrobat) Introduction to High Frequency (HF) Radio Communications ARRL 1.3Mb (Adobe Acrobat) National Traffic System (NTS) E-Training 630Kb (Adobe Acrobat) NTS Radiogram (See Also ICS Form 213) 8Kb (Adobe Acrobat) National Incident Management System (NIMS)-IS-100.b,200.b,700.a,704 & 800.b (FREE on-line) CERT Refresher IS-317 ICS Job AIDS Forms ARRL Certification and Continuing Education C-CE (on-line) ARRL Field Resources Manual 300Kb (Adobe Acrobat) ARRL Public Service Manual 770Kb (Adobe Acrobat) American RED CROSS Disaster Services Training Video IS-5.a An Introduction to Hazardous Materials (FREE on-line) IS-55 Household Hazardous Materials A Guide for Citizens (FREE on-line)
SKYWARN Basic and Advanced Classes SKYWARN Spotter Course 2 Adobe Files (7.3 Mb Total) SKYWARN NET Control Operator Classes
Norfolk Community Emergency Response Team Training (CERT).
Teaches the fundamentals for administering Aid in the immediate aftermath of a Disaster. For more information and to registrator for Class: the Department of Emergency Preparedness and Response from 8A to 5P at 441-5600 OR Email Scott Mahone
Virginia Section Traffic Nets